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Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

Medicare Part D Open Enrollment

October 15 through December 7

Do You Compare?

Last year, the Nebraska SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) helped Nebraskans save over $20 MILLION by comparing Part D options.

  • Schedule an appointment with trained SHIIP volunteers: Diane White, Deb Schroeder, Sandy Boots, Eileen Gentrup, and Carol Kampschnieder
  • Appointments are required for each person and are available October 18 through December 7, 2023.
  • Call Franciscan Healthcare at 402.372.2404 and tell them you need to make an appointment for Medicare Part D assistance with a SHIIP volunteer.
  • Bring your completed worksheet (available from Tokens of Love Hospital Gift Shop or SHIIP volunteers), Medicare card, prescription list or bottles, and 2023 Medicare Part D card.

Appointments Required

Call 402.372.2404 Today!

The Nebraska SHIIP provides free, unbiased counseling and information to people with Medicare. SHIIP does not promote or endorse any insurance company, product or agent.