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Our Mission at Franciscan Healthcare is to live and promote the healing mission of Jesus Christ by integrating servant living principles into our day to day decisions and actions.

Those who work with us should:

  • Integrate the principles of Servant Living in day to day decisions and actions.
    • Be a team player
    • Treat co-workers with respect and dignity
    • Help to make co-workers and managers/supervisors job easier
    • Do not criticize coworkers
    • Show compassion and heart for your coworkers and managers/supervisors
    • Forgive and forget
    • Be supportive
    • Ask "How can I make a positive change?"
    • Always remember We, not I
  • Follow our Standards of Conduct
    • We smile and are courteous to all.
    • We treat others as they want to be treated.
    • We maintain confidentiality.
    • We ask, "How may I help you?" and "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
    • We take customers where they need to go or ask someone else to help.
    • We keep customers informed while they wait.
    • We are team players. 
    • We respect the rights of others.
    • We remember that coworkers are customers too.
    • We complement our coworkers for doing things right.
    • We avoid saying, "That's not my job."

For more information about our job postings, please call 402.372.6702.