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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Activity of Daily Living Retraining

Activities of daily living (ADL) are also called self-help or self-care activities. These activities can include everyday tasks such as dressing, toileting, self-feeding, and bathing. The occupational therapists at Franciscan Healthcare can help patients relearn how to do these activities or determine new ways of accomplishing them. Sometimes, adaptive equipment is needed to assist with these tasks. This can include items such as a reacher, sockaid, long-handled sponge, buttonholer, adaptive utensils, etc.

Who Can Benefit?
Individuals who can benefit from ADL services include:

  • Those who are not as independent as they could be with self-care
  • Those who do not have skills at an age-appropriate level
  • Those who need to relearn skills after an illness or surgery