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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy

Home Safety Assessments

The purpose of a home safety assessment (HSA) is to determine if any environmental modifications can be made in the home to improve a person’s overall safety and independence levels. These environmental modifications can be simple changes to decrease fall risk or equipment recommendations to enhance performances of self-care and home management tasks. Changes can also be recommended to keep both the spouse/caregiver and patient safe during transfers and daily activities.

An HSA can be completed with the patient and a family member and/or caregiver as an inpatient, swingbed patient, outpatient, or nursing home resident. Every HSA is different pending the patient’s functional status and home setup. However, typically the patient will practice managing the entrance to the home and getting in and out of commonly used rooms. The patient will also practice transfers into and out of bed, commonly used chairs, and in and out of the tub or shower. The therapist will work with the patient and family member/caregiver to determine safe and effective ways to complete daily activities, while at the same time maximizing the quality of life and promoting independence. Occasionally, the occupational therapist may take measurements, if appropriate, in order to recommend the correct type of equipment or modification to be made.

To learn more or to schedule a personalized home safety assessment for you or your loved one, please contact the Rehabilitation Department at (402) 372-2372.

Click here for a home safety checklist that can assist in the process of making you or your loved one’s home a better environment that promotes safety and independence.