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Wimmer Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy

Balance Deficits

The physical therapists at Franciscan Healthcare Rehabilitation are well trained in providing customized exercise and activity programs to improve a patient’s balance when sitting, standing, walking, or performing dynamic tasks. We perform a careful assessment of the patient’s muscle strength, joint mobility, sensation, and activity participation in order to differentiate between potential underlying causes of balance deficits. Our physical therapists also review current and past medical conditions, medications, and consider normal aging factors while determining the best course of action in treating your balance problems. Our team has sought continuing education in order to provide treatment for vestibular dysfunctions, including inner ear problems and BPPV (see BPPV treatment). We can offer a variety of exercises to initiate balance training, targeting the appropriate system through movement techniques and physical exercise. Our rehabilitation clinic is well equipped with tools to further progress and challenge our patients throughout the continuum of care as appropriate. We ensure your individualized treatment plan aligns well with your goals to help improve your strength, stability, and mobility while reducing your risk for falls and fear of falling.

Throughout your physical therapy evaluation, you can expect your physical therapist to further assess your balance through one or more appropriate standardized outcome measures. These outcome measures assess your ability to remain balanced while performing tasks similar to those required to function safely in your home and community. Some outcome measures and tasks your Physical Therapist may use to further assess your balance include:
• Berg Balance Test
• Tinetti Balance Assessment Tool
• Timed Up and Go
• 10 m Walk Test
• 5 Time Sit-to-Stand
• Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction and Balance
• Dynamic Gait Index
• MiniBest Test
• …and several others!