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Wimmer Rehabilitation


Who We Are/What We Do

Our mission and goal at Franciscan Healthcare Rehabilitation is to provide the best care and therapy interventions to address your current condition and beyond. Our skilled rehabilitation staff strives to educate you on your current condition, implement interventions to alleviate your symptoms and empower you to continue with a healthy lifestyle to prevent future injury. We are dedicated to providing one-on-one skilled rehabilitative services to improve your quality of life today and in the future.

Why Choose Franciscan Healthcare Rehabilitation
  • One-on-One Patient Care
  • Skilled Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Open and Inviting Facility
  • Latest Technology & Equipment

Physical Therapy Services


Physical Therapists

  • Christine Hutchinson, PT, DPT
    Rehab Department Manager
  • Kelly Blanc, PT, DPT
  • Tracy Cyboron, PT, DPT
  • Abbi Ebel, PT, DPT
  • Tim Jacobsen, PT, CSCS
  • Megan Johnson, PT, DPT
  • Jeff Kirchmann, PT, DPT, CSCS
  • Terry Nelson, PT, DPT
  • Jamie Ridder, PT, DPT
  • Michael Schutte, PT, DPT
  • Ashley Strehle, PT, DPT
  • Mark Yosten, PT, DPT

Physical Therapy Assistants

  • Carrie Maryott, PTA
  • Delayna Hunke, PTA
  • Lisa Miserez, PTA
  • Jil Mortensen, PTA
  • Sierra Pieper, PTA
  • Cheryl Steffen, PTA