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Wimmer Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy

Semi-Custom Orthotic, Brace, & Assistive Device Fitting

The Rehabilitation Department offers a variety of Durable Medical Equipment for purchase including, but not limited to, semi-custom orthotics, braces, and assistive devices.

Semi-Custom Orthotics
Physical therapists at Franciscan Healthcare are trained to fit individuals with semi-custom, heat-moldable Vasyli brand orthotics. These orthotics are used to treat a variety of common conditions including, but not limited to: Achilles Tendonitis, Corns/Calluses, Hallux Valgus (bunions), Iliotibial Band Syndrome (outside knee & hip pain), Knee Valgum (inside knee pain), Metatarsalgia (ball-of-foot pain), Morton’s Neuroma, Patella-Femoral Syndrome, Pediatric Development Abnormalities, Pes Planus (flat feet), Plantar Fasciitis, & Tibial Stress Syndrome (shin splints).

We offer a variety of braces for ailments of the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, thigh, knee, ankle, foot, neck, and back. Our physical and occupational therapists are skilled in how to properly fit you with the appropriate brace and will work with you to ensure you have a complete understanding on how to properly place and remove your brace. At our facility, we typically keep non-custom/universal braces in-stock, but we do have the capability of ordering custom braces for individuals of all ages.

Assistive Device Fitting
At our facility, we have available for purchase single point canes, quad canes, hemi-walkers, front-wheeled walkers, rollator walkers, and crutches. The benefit to purchasing your assistive device through our facility is our physical therapists will work with you to ensure your assistive device is fit correctly to your height. We will also work with you to ensure you are comfortable with using your new device on level surfaces, curbs, and stairs. If you question whether or not your insurance company will provide coverage for purchase of an assistive device, our office staff and rehabilitation team will assist you making that determination.

Please note that you must have a prescription from your physician prior to purchasing the items listed above. However, you do not need to schedule a formal appointment - just stop on by our Rehabilitation Department.