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Wimmer Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy

Total Joint Replacements

Pre-Op Evaluation and Conditioning
Participation in physical therapy services prior to surgery will help build strength, improve your flexibility, and improve your endurance/cardiovascular health. Research studies have shown that patients who participate in supervised pre-operative conditioning programs recover faster and experience fewer complications after surgery. Pre-operative conditioning programs are appropriate for patients of any age and will be customized for your current physical and medical condition.

In addition, for those having a total joint replacement at Franciscan Healthcare, the physical and occupational therapy staff participates in joint camp. Joint camp takes place prior to your surgery and is designed to educate, prepare, and support you through the process of a total knee or hip replacement. The joint camp consists of the following:
• Training on how to use a walker, wheelchair, or crutches.
• Preparation for your anticipated post-operative rehabilitation.
• Review of realistic recovery expectations and precautions specific to your surgical procedure.

Post-Op Rehabilitation
Participation in physical therapy services is an essential part of recovering after your total joint replacement surgery as quickly and completely as possible. For those having their joint replacement performed at Franciscan Healthcare, participation in physical therapy services will be initiated the afternoon your surgery is complete. This session will focus on ensuring your safety with the bed to chair/bathroom transfers and initiating gait training with your assistive device.

If you have elected to have surgery at another facility, we are happy to aid in your recovery at our outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation facilities in West Point and Wisner. Similar to your pre-op conditioning, rehabilitation following your surgery will focus on restoring range of motion of your joint and strength of the muscles surrounding your knee or hip joint to ensure you are ready to return to all activities without limitation or pain.