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Wimmer Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy

Wellness Center

Wellness is an approach to health that aims to reduce the risk of serious illness and incorporates the health of an entire person: physically, spiritually, and mentally. It involves taking responsibility for your own health through lifestyle modification, physical activity, and overall preventative health, and responding to your body’s signs and symptoms before severe consequences occur. By purchasing a membership, you’ve taken the first step to a better lifestyle and we commend your decision!

Franciscan Healthcare is proud to offer the community an outstandingly clean and safe environment in which to develop healthy habits. Our facility includes cardiovascular equipment, an indoor walking track, state-of-the-art weight machines, and free-weights.

Please contact us at 402-372-2372 if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions (we’ll take compliments, too!). Thanks for choosing Franciscan Healthcare. Welcome aboard!